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ABF Low Pressure Centrifugal Fan

ABF series centrifugal fans;
High air flow rate and high pressure desired.
They  are the ideal fans for use in ventilation systems.

Made of high quality corrosion resistant S355 steel and coated with epoxy paint. Fans are radial fans with backward curved blades. Drive system It is possible to manufacture with belt pulley, direct coupling or elastic coupling. The temperature of the suction fluid must not be higher than 80 ° C. For higher temperatures it is necessary to make modifications in the manufacture of the fan.

ExProof-enabled manufacturing is possible.

It can also be manufactured from stainless steel for corrosive and high temperature working conditions. The ABF series is the ideal choice for high performance and trouble-free operation.

Usage areas: It can be used for suction of clean and light dusty fluids, cooling, ventilation, drying, mechanical extraction and toxic gas exhaust.

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