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Duct Type Fans

Round Duct Type (Y-KTF)

Rectangular Duct Type (D-KTF)

External Driven (Motor) Rectangular Duct Type (D-KTF)

Centrifugal Fans

Low Pressure Centrifugal Fan (ABF)

Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans (OBF)

Roof Type Fans

Roof Type Axial Fan (Ç-FWA)

Roof Type Radial Fan (ÇTF)

External Driven Horizontal Flow Roof Type Radial Fan

External Driven Vertical Flow Roof Type Radial Fan

Axial Fans

Axial Fresh Air Fan

Axial Smoke Exhaust Fan

Axial Pressurization Fan

Cabinet Type Axial Fan

Wall Mounted Axial Fan

Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Unit (IGK)

Cabinet Type Fans

ECO Series Cabinet Type Fan

Cabinet Type Kitchen Aspirators (M-HA)

Unit Heaters

Axial Unit Heater (A-APA)

Radial Unit Heater (R-APA)

Tunnel Fans

Tunnel Fans (T-FWA)

Jet Fan Systems

Axial Jet Fan (J-FWA)

Radial Jet Fan (R-FWA)

Air Handling Units

FKS Series Air Handling Units

Pool Dehumidification Air Handling Units (HNS)

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